Never Alone

Open Up

Scripture: James 5:13-18

Key Verse: James 5:16

     I am the type of person that usually lives my life on a “need-to-know” basis with other people. I don’t mind if other people open up to me about the things that are dealing with, but it is often difficult for me to do the same until I really get to know someone. I honestly believe this is why I feel lonely 85% of the time. This mindset has transferred over heavily into my spiritual life. I often find myself not being as transparent as I should with my accountability partners or even the people I put myself in community with because I am not sure if they will react in a way that will not minimize me more than I’ve already done to myself. I’m not sure how many of you can relate to this closed off lifestyle, but today I want us to all see that this is not how God wants us to live spiritually. He wants us to open up not only to Him, but to the community He is surrounding us with. By doing this we give ourselves the chance to be freed from the pain we feel and strengthen existing relationships to combat the feelings of loneliness. 

     At the beginning of our text today, James asks some questions (v.13-14). Now these questions can obviously be used to evaluate yourself. But, when I read this God convicted me to ask if I could really answer these questions about the people around me and if the people around me could answer these questions truthfully about me. Now, many people may assume by the content that I post on social media that I am in a very happy space. Therefore I should be singing songs of praise. However, if the truth be told about many of us in this season of loneliness, we feel like we are in some deep trouble. So, prayer is our answer. As we navigate this season, we must not only pray that God reveals what we should get from it, but also thank Him for allowing us to go through it. The scripture shows us that when we pray earnestly, God is faithful to supply our needs according to His will (v.17-18). 

     Now you may be asking yourself where the opening up part comes in. Well, I am glad you asked. In order to answer the questions posed, you must first be honest with yourself. It can be so easy to try to act on the façade that you post online. But you are only fooling yourself because God is sitting right there with you in your mess. He sees you when you cry yourself to sleep at night. He sees you when you question your existence. He sees you when you grow weary in well-doing. So, be honest with yourself about where you are and how you feel daily. On another note you have to be willing to open up to other people (v.16). We can pray for each other vaguely as much as we want. But, when we get honest with others and they begin to intercede on our behalf about the specifics, that’s when true healing can enter in. Our prayers are so much stronger when we really come to God humbly and open. He already knows what you are going through. You might as well lay all your cares at His feet so He can deliver you. 

     God wants to free you and release you from the pain of loneliness, but you have to be willing to open up. Find a good Christian community that can pray with you and for you as you navigate this season. You might feel lonely, but remember you are never truly alone. 

Prayer: Lord, thank you for this day. Thank you for reminding us that we have to open up to ourselves and those around us while we ground ourselves in prayer for healing. Lord we are so grateful for all that you are doing in our lives and for this season of loneliness. God please have your way. Continue to surround us with your presence everyday. We love you, thank you and praise you. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

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