Never Alone

Cry Out

Scripture: Psalm 25:15-21
Key Verse: Psalm 25:16
     Growing up, I always heard other kids tell stories about how they would play tricks on their parents in the store by hiding in the clothes so that their parents would think they were lost. Unfortunately, I have also witnessed this cruel joke going terribly wrong because the children would end up alone as the parents walked away to the other side of the store without the child at their side. It is then that the child cries out for help and either the parent or someone that works at the establishment comes to the child’s rescue. This is often what our relationship with God looks like. We think that we are playing tricks on God when we try to hide from Him or go our own way. But, when it feels like He has walked away or left our side we immediately cry out. The question is: are you crying out to Him or have you intentionally or unintentionally created another idol to rely on. Today’s devotional is here to help you ensure that you are crying out to the only one who can help you when you are feeling lonely, God.
     It can be really easy to get wrapped up in what you see on social media. People posting their vacations or outings with their families and friends. You begin to wonder why you aren’t living a life like this. However, David reminds us in Psalm 25 that our eyes need to be on God (v.15). The people in these photos cannot save us. Even if they invite you on that trip or to go out with them on occasion, they can’t save you from your pit of loneliness forever. The only person that can do that is God. Please don’t misinterpret what I am saying. It is good to have friends. In fact, we will talk about healthy relationships later in this series, but it is important that all of your joy does not rest in whether or not someone wants to hang out on a given day because that will only increase your feelings of loneliness. You have to look to God for your joy daily.
     Once your focus is on God, tell Him how you are feeling and what you need (v.16). God already knows these things, but He wants to hear you admit that your human strength can’t compare to His almighty power. By crying out to Him in this way you are showing Him that you see Him as the ultimate comforter, healer, deliverer or whatever it is that you desire. It also shows that, even though you may feel physically alone on this Earth, you are capable of acknowledging a greater source of comfort. God sees you. He hears you when you cry. However, He wants you to stop seeking other people more than you seek Him. They are not the ones you should serve. They are not the ones who can save you when you feel alone. So cry out to the one with the real power to change your situation.
     Last, but not least, let your life rest in Him. I know that I am not the only one who has cried myself to sleep or witnessed someone crying themselves to sleep. Some of the best rest comes after you pour out all you have and then you rest realizing there is nothing else you can do on your own. When we take refuge in the Lord, we can rest knowing that He is going to deliver us from these awful feelings (v.20). But, again this can happen if we put our all in Him and not in the things of this world.
We serve a God that is faithful. He wants to release you from these feelings of loneliness that you are having. But you have to be willing to stop crying out to things on this Earth and cry out to Him. I promise you will rest so much better when you pour all you have out to Him. Will you try it today?

Prayer: Lord, thank you for this day. Thank you for loving me and listening to me in my weakest moments. Lord, today I cry out to you. I can’t fight this battle alone. I don’t want to run from you any longer. Help me God to find comfort in you so that I may rest. In Jesus name, amen.

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